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03 - Centro Admin Management Training

  • Managing automated workflows, or pipelines, of data through a system is done from the Centro Pipeline Manager. The Pipeline Manager enables you to create, edit, find, manage, and execute pipelines.
  • Centro pipelines are the essential force behind Centro's flexibility and strength.
  • The Pipeline Editor is a drag and drop interface that allows authorized users to create and edit Centro pipelines. Navigate to the Pipeline Editor by creating a new pipeline from the Pipeline Manager or editing a currently existing one.
  • Use the administration area to configure users, roles, projects, and settings along good IT practices to ensure the appropriate levels of security, data loss mitigation, and downtime mitigation
  • Content
    • Admin Area
    • How to Check Locations are working correctly (2:13)
    • How to Create Categories (1:19)
    • How to Create Tags (1:35)
    • How to create Projects and Assign Roles Users (3:39)
    • How to Import Users and Assign Roles to them (3:32)
    • How to create or amend Importer Options (3:25)
    Completion rules
    • All units must be completed
    • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever